Symptoms and Physiological Dysfunctions Caused, Exacerbated by, or Associated with Myofascial Trigger Points

The following list is from the 1999 edition of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, the Trigger Point Manual Part 1 by Simons, Travell, and Simons. The numbers refer to one of the locations in the book where the dysfunction is described. Dysfunction in quotation marks indicate issues mimicked by myofascial TrP, with responsible muscles in parentheses. Infrequent dysfunctions and multiple muscles may be omitted.

Abdominal symptoms: "fullness," pain, anorexia, "appendicitis pain," "bloated" feeling, burning, dysmenorrhea, enuresis, food intolerance, "gassy" feeling, chronic diarrhea, "heartburn," indigestion, colic, projectile vomiting, "swollen" feeling. Various Adhesive capsulitis (subscapularis) 604
Air hunger (serratus anterior) 893
"Atypical angina" 37
"Atypical facial neuralgia" (SCM) 308
"Atypical migraine" (SCM) 37
Back Pain (back muscles, abdominal muscles, et al.) Numerous Barohypoacusis [stuffy ears] (medial pterygoid) 365
Belching (abdominal obliques or a lumbodorsal fascia TrP) 941
Breast tenderness (pectoralis major) 821
Bruxism (masculatory muscles) 186
Burping (abdominal muscles) 958
Cardiac arrhythmia, (pectoralis major) 821
Carpal tunnel syndrome (palmaris longus) 744
Carsickness (SCM) 314
Chest pain 802
Click [TMJ] (masculatory muscles) 249
Dupuytren's contracture (palmaris longus) 747
Cubital tunnel syndrome (various) 704
Depression (various) 221
Diaphragmatic spasm (diaphragm) 877
Dizziness & disorientation (SCM) 310, 314
Diverticulosis-like pain (rectus abdom.) 945
Duodenal ulcer-like pain (serratus ant.) 959
Dysmetria [weight distortion] (SCM) 311
Dysphagia (both longus, med. pterygoid) 399, 368
Earache (SCM, masseter) 339
Epicondylalgia (finger extensor muscles) 718
Eye, pain behind (occipitofrontalis) 427
Facial pain (various) 267
"Frozen shoulder" (subscapularis) 604
Glossodynia [tongue pain] (mylohyoid, digastric) 413
Groin pain (lower lateral abdominal wall) 941
Headaches, possibly caused or exacerbated by TrPs: migraine (with or without aura); tension; cluster (low to moderate probability); head trauma; cervicogenic as well as pain in the TMJ, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, teeth, mouth, & other cranial structures 242
Heberden's nodes (dorsal interosseous) 791
Hiccup (diaphragm, uvula) 876
Hoarseness (laryngeal muscles) 404
Inguinal pain (abdominal muscles) 941
Inhibition [referred muscular] (various) 26
"Intractable benign pain" (cervical muscles) 477
"Jumpy print" syndrome (orbicularis oculi) 424
"Kidney pain" (abdominal skin and muscles) 956
Lacrimation, excessive (SCM) 309
Limited range of motion (all myofascial TrPs) 22
Muscle weakness (all myofascial TrPs) 22
Nasal secretion (various) 109
Nipple hypersensitivity (pectoralis major) 820
"Pectoral myalgia" (pectoralis major) 820
Pelvic obliquity [distortion] (iliocostalis) 925
Phantom limb pain (scaleni) 505
"Prostatitis" (intrapelvic muscles) 958
Ptosis [drooping eyelid] (SCM) 309
"Renal colic pain" (rectus abdominis) 945
Restricted motion (all myofascial TrPs) 113
Seasickness (SCM) 314
Short of breath (serratus anterior) 892
"Sinus attack" (lateral pterygoid) 383
Sleep, impaired (various compressed muscles) 21
Spasm, referred (many myofascial TrPs) 148
Stiff neck (levator scapula) 494
"Stitch" in side (diaphragm, serratus ant.) 863, 892
Stomach, distended (pectoralis major)
Stooped posture (pectoralis major) 828
"Subdeltoid bursitis" (supraspinatus, et al) 544
Sweat pattern changes (many myofascial TrPs) 109
TMJ dysfunction (masculatory) 349
Tenderness, excess due to TrPs 114
Tennis elbow (supinator, brachialis, forearm extensors) 731, 662, 721
Testicular pain (abdominal TrPs) 940
"Tietze's Syndrome" [costal cartilage pain] 37
Thoracic outlet syndrome (various) 406
Trigger finger (finger flexors) 753
Trigger thumb (adductor pollicis) 776
Trismus [restricted jaw opening] (jaw muscles) 338
Urinary tract symptoms (rectus abdominous and skin of the abdomen) 941, 956
Weight perception, distorted (SCM) 109
"Writer's cramp" (hand extensors) 700
Wry neck (SCM) 498
Xiphoidalgia (diaphragm) 879