DVD Course Set    Timberlake Massage Therapies proudly presents our set of instructional DVDs: Somatic Release in Clinical Massage. Perfect for review by both recent and long-time graduates, and a great learning tool for the current student. Detailled, professional production helps you get the most from every technique discussed and displayed in the DVD set. [DVD set pic here]
Reference Texts    Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, The Trigger Point Manuals, Volumes 1 and 2. Drs. Janet Travell, MD, and David Simons, MD, wrote these definitive texts. Offering a complete analysis of almost all known myofascial trigger points, their referrals, and physiological dysfunctions, these texts support and help explain the therapy offered by skilled touch practitioners. Published by Willams and Wilkens. [book set pic here]
Vapocoolant Spray    Gebauer Instant Ice provides massage therapists with a non-prescription, environmentally friendly formula for the vapocoolant treatment of myofascial trigger points. "In our experience, spray and stretch is the single most effective noninvasive method to inactivate acute TrPs [myofascial trigger points]" Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, The Trigger Point Manual, Volume 1, Williams & Williams, 1999, David G. Simons, MD, Janet G. Travell, MD, Lois S. Simons, PT, page 127.
Pressure Balls    [PBall description here]
Charts    [Muscle Chart description here]
[Skeletal Chart description here]
[TrP Chart description here]
Stretching. Bob Anderson's classic book on this subject. Spiral bound version. Shelter Publications, Bolinas, CA. [insert photo here]
Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Self help TrP manual by Clair Davies. [insert photo here]
Suggested Massage Therapy Treatment of Certain Disorders, Earle Timberlake. Published by Timberlake Massage Therapies. [insert photo here]
Stretching Pads. 40 sheets of handout stretches in each pad. Subjects are the back, neck, shoulders, groin, hips lowerlegs, anc omputer/office stretches. [insert photo here]